Twins' father says mother's sentence in their deaths is not enough

EAST TROY — A Walworth County judge sentenced Melody Butt Tuesday, July 31st to one year of work release while in jail. She was also sentenced to 14 years of probation.

Butt is the East Troy mother who pleaded guilty in the deaths of her infant twins. She admitted to letting her 11-month-old twin son and daughter drown in a bathtub back in September 2011. Butt said she fell asleep.

Butt pleaded guilty Thursday, June 14th to two counts of neglecting a child (consequence is death). Two other counts were dismissed.

FOX6 News spoke exclusively with the twins' father following Butt's sentencing Tuesday. He said Butt's sentencing was not enough, and said he has concerns regarding the safety of his two other children.

Chris Evans told FOX6 News he will remember September 22nd, 2011 forever -- the day his twins, Taliyah and Trayton drowned in the bathtub.

"I saw my kids that morning. My daughter woke up right next to me. That image there I will never get out of my head -- ever. She was shining like an angel. Tray was sleeping. I wanted to give him a kiss, but I didn't want to wake him up," Evans said.

By the time a friend came to the apartment, it was too late. Both twins had drowned in the tub. A paramedic who rushed to the scene was so overwhelmed at the sight, he couldn't drive the ambulance.

"I know sending her off to prison isn't going to bring my kids back, but come on -- this is not one, but two kids. These are your children and you put them in the tub and you walk off? I need some justice for that. They need some justice for that," Evans said.

Butt spoke in Walworth County court Tuesday, though her attorney said she refused to do an on-camera interview.

"I miss the smiles -- the soft touch and the love that me and my babies shared. I take full responsibility for allowing myself to become so overwhelmed and exhausted and for allowing myself to stay in such an unhealthy relationship," Butt said.

Evans said he is concerned for the couple's two older children, now living with Butt's parents.

"I hope you really learn from what you did. I hope you really hold this to your heart, because we can never get these children back. I hope you know you are responsible for this," Evans said.

Butt could have faced a maximum penalty of 25 years in prison and a $100,000 fine.

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