Dancing in the streets: Minneapolis residents celebrate after Joe Biden's projected win

Minneapolis residents took to the streets to celebrate after Joe Biden was elected the next President of the United States.

Saturday morning, Joe Biden became the projected winner after he got 20 more electoral votes from Pennsylvania, pushing his total to 284 — crossing the 270 Electoral Vote threshold needed.

Near the former 3rd police precinct, a pre-planned rally turned into a celebration in Minneapolis with groups marching through the streets to celebrate Biden's win.

Elsewhere, they were dancing in the streets of the Kingfield neighborhood of south Minneapolis Saturday afternoon, banging their pots and pans -- anything to make some noise.

"Big relief, big to get a very, very scary, mean, lying, deceiving person out of office and try to have some decency come in," said Andrea Breen, who was out celebrating the Biden win.

"I had to get out of the house and celebrate with people," said added Mary Withers. "I am so elated, so happy right now. I feel blessed, my prayers were answered."

Passing motorists seemed to enjoy the energy at 40th and Nicollet Avenue, as some wondered about the upcoming transition and President Trump’s next move.

"I was expecting it the last couple days," said Scott Anderson. "Just relief. So now I hope the grown-ups in the President’s camp can talk to him and calm him down and have him respect the process of democracy."

Anderson also said that, with a decision in the presidential race, his attention has now turned to two Senate races that could put Democrats in complete control of Congress.