"Twilight" series finale "Breaking Dawn" opens in theaters at midnight

(CNN) -- "The Twilight Saga" has been such a consistently major part of pop culture over the past four years, it's hard to remember a time before "Twilight," let alone imagine what a "Twilight"-less future looks like.

And for the trio of actors at the heart of the adaptation, which has spun Stephenie Meyer's four novels into a five-film epic, the best way to sum up the end of their "Twilight" era is "surreal."

"It's been absolutely unreal. It's a surreal feeling, because I can't believe it's over," Taylor Lautner told CNN at the "Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2" premiere Monday, November 12th. "But it's been an honor to be a part of this, and it's definitely tough to say good-bye to."

Robert Pattinson, 26, agreed with Lautner, telling CNN at the Los Angeles premiere that not having another "Twilight" movie to shoot is "very, very surreal."

" every other premiere, I feel like I've gone to do another 'Twilight' movie three months later, or already in the middle of shooting one," he said. "I haven't really experienced life in about five years without 'Twilight'-related stuff."

Pattinson came of age while starring in the franchise alongside his reported girlfriend Kristen Stewart, who told CNN that the premieres may be over, but "Twilight" is forever.

"We do share it with millions of people - if that can leave you so quickly, then you're a nutcase," Stewart, 22, said. "I think it's not going anywhere. The fact that the movies will exist forever, and we'll be proud of them until the day we die. We feel pretty good walking away. I'm really glad this story is finally told."

"Twilight: Breaking Dawn" opens Friday, November 16th. Several theaters have planned midnight showings of the film.