Tuesday marks Walker's one year as Governor

MADISON -- Tuesday marks the one year anniversary of the day Governor Scott Walker was officially sworn in as Wisconsin's Governor, and what a year it has been! Walker seemed to take on one controversial issue after another, and his actions have left a large part of the state upset, and working to get him recalled. However, seemingly just as many are happy he's leading our state.

Wisconsin changed one year ago, when Scott Walker left his post as Milwaukee's County Executive and became the state's Governor. Brutal political fights over collective bargaining, budget cuts, voter IDs, redistricting and concealed carry spawned almost immediate talk about a recall election, which could be right around the corner.

The debate as to whether the state is better off will continue to play out, and the Governor seems to know that. Walker has issued a new ad, tauting his accomplishments, and the one minute spot is already creating just as much controversy as his entire term.

"I think the Governor is trying to figure out how many lies, mis-characterization's, and simple mis-truths he can put in a 60 second ad. He'll be able to put more lies into future ads," Mike Tate with the Wisconsin Democratic Party said.

Republicans echo the ad, say Walker has accomplished campaign promises. "Did the Governor promise to balance the budget? He did. Did the Governor promise photo ID? He did. Did he promise concealed carry? He did. Did the Governor say he'd try to avoid statewide layoffs? He did. The Governor has kept his word, stayed in the state, and done his job," Rick Baas with the Milwaukee County Republicans said.

Signatures to recall Governor Walker are due January 17th. Organizers say they're still on pace to get at least 700,000 signatures, well past the 540,000 needed to trigger a recall election.