Try these tools to find the best airfare deals

Tried and true methods for finding the best airfare to the destination you want to go to plus a service that texts you alerts to incredible airfare deals.

Sometimes it feels like we spend more time searching for the perfect airfare deal than we do on our actual vacation. You don’t necessarily need to search around on various websites to find the best fares. Try these methods for finding the best deals to the places you want to go.

For starters:

Google Flights


A new service I’m trying out is called Deal Ray. It uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to figure out when fares are crazy good between two cities. It will text you alerts when it finds something so you can act before the fare is gone.

The service costs $10 a month but based on some of the deals I’ve seen it uncover you can easily save hundreds of dollars on a flight.

You do need a credit card to sign up but you will get 2 free months to try it using my referral link. Just remember to cancel before your two months are up if you don’t want to get charged.