Trinity Lutheran church members to worship at Krause Funeral Home until repair work at historic church is complete

MILWAUKEE -- There is now a permanent location for members of Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church to worship after a fire on May 15 destroyed their church.

Church members will gather at Krause Funeral Home near 91st and Capitol until the original building can be repaired.

Ronald Yancey, Trinity congregational president said church officials are grateful and thankful for other organizations that have offered their facilities, and to MATC for letting them worship there since the fire.

On Friday morning, July 20, crews were working to stabilize the outside wall -- the first of many steps in the effort to reopen the historic building near 9th and Highland.

Once the outside work is completed, which is expected to take through August, crews will begin working inside.

"Even to go into the building to begin salvage or even remove all the debris the walls have to be stabilized," said Rev. Jonah Burakowski on Friday.


The massive fire caused an estimated $17 million in damage — $13 million to the building itself and another $4 million to the contents within the building.

Officials have indicated the fire started on the roof — which was under construction at the time. There are reports heating tools caused the fire. FOX6 News learned neither Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church officials, nor the contractor doing work on the roof of the church applied for a “certificate of appropriateness” for the work.

According to the Milwaukee Historic Preservation Commission, the certificate is required for work done on a historically preserved property or area, including roof work, window work, masonry work, cleaning, etc.

It's not clear, until they are able to get inside the church, how much insurance will be able to cover. Anyone who would like to help donate to the rebuilding of the church, CLICK HERE.