Trial continues for former federal agent accused of sexually assaulting 3 women

WAUKESHA COUNTY -- Forensic evidence took center stage Tuesday, Feb. 11 during the trial for David Scharlat, the former federal agent in Waukesha County accused of sexually assaulting three women.

By Tuesday afternoon, the state hadn't rested its case.

"Perhaps, I could just warn the jury that some of this is very graphic," said Michele Hulgaard, prosecutor.

Testimony turned to unsettling details of three separate alleged sexual assaults. As a nurse testified about examining one of the alleged victims, David Scharlat, 55, looked on, facing five felony sexual assault charges. Prosecutors said the crimes occurred throughout a five-year period, and involved three victims. Scharlat's attorney argues it was consensual.

"Did she tell you at any time she called the police during this alleged assault on either the 19th or the 20th?" asked Paul Bucher, defense attorney.

"Objection as to relevance," said Hulgaard.

"I'll allow it, go ahead," said Judge Maria Lazar.

"Do you know the answer to that, Ms. Frank?" asked Bucher.

"I don't recall," said Frank.

Scharlat is a former federal agent who worked in diplomatic security service for the United States Department of State. Prosecutors said he used his position to intimidate women. One alleged victim told police Scharlat was aggressive and dangled his badge in her face.

Also on the stand Tuesday, forensic scientists who testified Scharlat's DNA was found on bedsheets. This, after two attempts by the defense for a mistrial, and days where some witnesses spent hours on the stand.

Three witnesses were called Tuesday.