'Travel times will be slowed:' State Patrol urges holiday drivers to plan for weather

MILWAUKEE -- The weather could keep holiday travelers from getting to their destinations on time, and Thanksgiving travel is expected to be busier than usual.

Lt. Nathan Clarke

Those who could travel Tuesday, did, at the Milwaukee Intermodal Station and at Mitchell International Airport. Traffic on Wednesday -- the day before Thanksgiving -- will likely be even worse, with the heaviest holiday travel expected between noon and 8 p.m. It will be the busiest Thanksgiving for travel since 2005, according to AAA.

"We'll be upticking staffing," said Wisconsin State Patrol Lieutenant Nathan Clarke. "I expect all services can be in high demand and times for response may be delayed."

The Wisconsin State Patrol is preparing to work extra to monitor the roads as snow, wind and rain heads toward Southeast Wisconsin. Travelers heading to parts of Northwest Wisconsin will need to prepare for snow -- up to six inches are expected Tuesday night, some areas could see even more.

"They should definitely plan for an extended duration of trip because travel times will be slowed, and make sure they take some type of emergency equipment in their vehicle in case they do become stranded," Lt. Clarke said.

With folks traveling by planes, trains and automobiles, some are worried that they might not make it home for Thanksgiving day.

"I am a college sophomore at University of Wisconsin Stevens Point, so I was traveling from there to (Lake Geneva)," said student Harrison Cicero. "I have friends who are still up at school that are leaving tomorrow who might be in a little bit of trouble because it's really supposed to hit hard up there. I was thankful to get here early."

The rain is not expected to let up any time soon. The best advice FOX6 News is hearing -- if you haven't left for your destination yet, try to allow yourself as much extra time as you can to be sure you make your destination on time safely.