Traffic flowing through new ramp in Mitchell Interchange

MILWAUKEE -- After months of detours, drivers from Milwaukee County's south side and neighboring suburbs are now enjoying a faster, more direct commute to downtown Milwaukee. That's because the ramp from eastbound I-894 to northbound I-94/43 opened Thursday.

Drivers are ecstatic about the new ramp. But business owners near the Mitchell Interchange may be the bigger winners. They saw sales drop by leaps and bounds over the last 12 to 24 months.

"It was so slow and it just got a little busy, so hopefully it's good for now," said gas station owner Mohammed Siddique.
As an added treat, the on and off-ramps for S. 27th Street are open as well.
Officials with the Department of Transportation say there have been no proeblsm with the changes on the freeway. That means it'll be easy going for drivers during the holidays.