Tow companies, plow drivers ready for snow cleanup in Sheboygan

SHEBOYGAN (WITI) -- Snow was expected to fall in Wisconsin on Tuesday, January 14th -- and a Winter Storm Warning was issued for counties to the north of Milwaukee -- including Dodge, Ozaukee, Washington, Sheboygan, and Fond du Lac.

In Sheboygan 5-7 inches of snow were possible Tuesday and Tuesday night.

We saw a lull in the snowfall on Tuesday afternoon -- and many in Sheboygan were waiting for the snow to fall, so they could get out and start the cleanup process.

Even without the snow falling on Tuesday afternoon, Arrow Towing and Recovery was busy -- and has been this winter.

"We are swamped. We've been swamped for months," Kevin Thill said.

For almost four decades, Thill has been dealing with Wisconsin winters.

"I`ve been doing it for 37 years so I`ve got the feeling in my bones. I know when it`s coming and I`m ready for it," Thill said.

Waiting for the snow to fall is more than just watching the clock or watching the radar for Thill and his co-workers. It's about trusting his gut.

"You get a little jittery sometimes because when you know there`s a lot of snow coming or a freezing rain, everybody gets a little bit nervous. We just wait for the snow to come down and we're ready to go. We go all out," Thill said.

Thill says it's about handling the cars in the shop, and waiting for calls for service to come in -- even if it's after normal business hours.

"At 4:30 is normally about the time you get a little bit jittery because you`re ready to go. There`s never a time when you can just go home and eat supper. You get called out anyway," Thill said.

The same can be said for Joel Kolste and the Sheboygan DPW.

"We have to be ready for whatever Mother Nature sends our way. We`ve just sent out 12 salt trucks and we`re laying some salt down on the roads as we speak," Kolste said.

Plows will be called out when the snow comes, and if more than four inches fall, loaders will be called into action.

"We use those to clear cul de sacs and dead ends and places our trucks can`t get at very well," Kolste said.

So far, Sheboygan has had to use salt trucks 17 times this winter -- including Tuesday. Last year, salt trucks were used 24 times -- but Sheboygan officials aren't worried about the salt supply.


As day turned to night in Sheboygan -- the winds really picked up and the biggest issue was blowing and drifting snow. Conditions Tuesday night had many choosing to stay home -- except for those who had to hit the road for work.

Alysha Vetter carries Chinese food from her Saukville restaurant to homes throughout Ozaukee County.

"It kinda does depend on the weather if we deliver or not. When the weather is not the best, we will take only local deliveries," Vetter said.

The blustery conditions Tuesday night meant more customers choosing to stay home and order in. Vetter was happy to be busy -- but not so happy about the blustery winds.

"When you have snow coming at you or the roads being slick, it's harder to see," Vetter said.

Most of the customers recognized Vetter's efforts through the rough conditions with a larger tip, while Vetter says she uses more caution during her deliveries when conditions aren't the best.