Touch and feed the sharks and sting rays at Milwaukee Co. Zoo

Milwaukee County Zoo officials on Memorial Day Weekend opened the Sting Ray & Shark Bay exhibit -- an exhibit that encourages zoo visitors to see, touch and even feed the animals.

The exhibit includes cownose rays, known for foreheads that resemble a cow’s nose and diamond-shaped southern rays. The rays’ sharp barbs have been painlessly clipped and will grow back, just like clipped fingernails.

There is a smaller pool in the center of the tank for baby rays! When pups are born, they’re self-sufficient but they must stay in shallow water initially.

The 14,000-gallon, 78-degree pool also contains white-spotted bamboo sharks and bonnethead sharks, known for their bonnet shaped heads. The sharks are only about three feet long.

The exhibit is located in the Otto Borchert Family Special Exhibits Building, behind Macaque Island. Admission is $2.00.

Sting ray food is available for purchase frequently throughout the day.

The exhibit will be open through September 2nd.