Tornado and Severe Weather Awareness Week kicks off Monday

MILWAUKEE -- Tornado and Severe Weather Awareness Week kicks off Monday, April 16 in Wisconsin.  Officials want people to put safety first and be prepared in case disaster strikes.

The National Weather Service has scheduled a statewide drill for Thursday, April 19th. Experts say June is the peak time for tornadoes in Wisconsin.

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FOX6 Meteorologist, Rob Haswell, says it's going to be a spring and summer to watch. "Our most active time of the year tends to be in the spring and summer months when we have a lot more heat and humidity -- the things that are going to add fuel to the fire when it comes to these types of storms," Haswell said.

Officials offer these tips for help protect yourself against severe weather: invest in a weather radio, avoid windows during storms, go to the lowest floor of your home and crouch down, covering your head during severe weather.

"You need to know where that interior room is, away from windows, at the lowest level of your home, and you need to have a plan with your family to get there and be safe because sometimes, the warning can be a little as minutes or seconds," Haswell said.

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