'Too old for this:' Suspects charged in retail theft that led to I-43 pursuit

GLENDALE -- What ended in chaos at nearly 100 miles per hour on I-43 near Bayshore started at Dick's Sporting Goods in Grafton.

Darrell Brown, Letosha Walton

Police say Letosha Walton and Darrell Brown left in a silver Chevrolet Malibu with $1,700 worth of merchandise. The call for help went out, and responding officers saw that car speed by.

Officers prepared their stop sticks at Silver Spring before cell phone video showed the car slamming into a wall.

As officers drove to the wreckage, Brown jumped from the Malibu moments after the crash -- police performed a pit maneuver to stop it.

Police arrested Walton, who later told police she was: "too old for this behavior."

I-43 theft, pursuit crash scene

Walton, 26, is charged with leading police on the 3.6-mile pursuit, facing charges in both Ozaukee and Milwaukee Counties.

Police discovered merchandise with the tags still on in the back of the wrecked car -- a shopping trip that ended with a long receipt of new charges.

Included in reports from the Bayside Police Department are interviews with Brown. He told police he took some of the clothes because Walton wasn't going to pay for them. He was charged in Ozaukee County for the theft on Jan. 21.