"Together, We Are Strong:" Froedtert & MCW launch blog by cancer patients for cancer patients

WAUWATOSA -- Millions of Americans are affected by cancer, and chances are you know someone fighting the disease. But there is a new tool, just launched by Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin to support cancer patients and their families.

Dr. Clark Gamblin

Dr. Clark Gamblin is a surgical oncologist at Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin, and he wanted to find a way for all cancer patients to connect.

"Doctors can share a lot of medical insight, but so many times we haven`t been through what the patients have been through," said Dr. Gamblin.

He started a blog called "Together, We Are Strong."

Researchers, doctors, patients and their family members, can all share their experiences with cancer.

"The blog kind of says to patients, people have been there before, and you`re not alone at all," he said.

Johnnie Scott, a patient of Dr. Gamblin's, battled liver cancer.

Johnnie Scott

"I woke up one night in a panic. It's like 'oh my God, I got cancer,' but I have that peace that I have this for a reason," said Scott.

Nearly five years after surgery to remove her tumor, Scott is a contributor to Together, We Are Strong. The blog launched Tuesday, June 2nd with a series of mini videos. People from the Milwaukee area and across the country are already responding.

Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin sent out a letter to every single cancer patient they've treated in the last three years, letting them know about the blog. For Scott, faith and family got her through the disease, and she's hoping to be the support system for others.

"I just pray that God uses me to help somebody else, to know, okay I made it  and you can too," said Scott.

Anyone can create a profile to become a contributor. Anyone can comment on blog posts, and can do so anonymously.