TMZ: Shooting of Nipsey Hussle caught on camera; possible suspect seen

LOS ANGELES -- Nipsey Hussle's murder happened in view of a nearby surveillance camera -- and the footage could give police a lead in their search for the gunman, TMZ reported Monday, April 1.

TMZ obtained the footage from a business adjacent to Nipsey's The Marathon Clothing store. TMZ reported on the left side of the screen, you can see someone enter the frame from an alleyway, walking quickly toward the front of the store.

The actual shooting is hard to make out, but you can see a victim collapse to the ground, and several people fleeing the area.

TMZ reported it's unclear if the gunman is one of those people running from the scene -- but the footage makes it clear there were several witnesses to the shooting.

Additionally, TMZ noted it's unclear whether the victim you see on the ground is definitely Nipsey, but you can see he's wearing a white shirt like the one he was photographed in moments before the shooting.

Police have only described the shooter as a male, black, in his 20s -- and said he escaped in a vehicle driven by a woman.

TMZ broke the story Sunday that the Crenshaw rapper was killed and two others were shot but survived. Nipsey Hussle was pronounced dead at the hospital after paramedics performed CPR on the scene and during the ambulance ride to the hospital.

According to TMZ, he had planned to meet with Los Angeles Police Department's chief and commissioner Monday afternoon to discuss a plan to prevent gang violence. Police have said the shooting appears to have been gang-related.