TMZ: Rapper 50 Cent dropped $100K to rent out Toys 'R' Us for 7-year-old son

PARAMUS, N.J. -- Rapper 50 Cent rented out a Toys "R" Us store and let his 7-year-old son pick out whatever he wanted for Christmas!

TMZ reported the rapper pulled the ultimate parenting move the weekend before Christmas, renting out the store in New Jersey -- one of two locations that have reopened -- closing it off to the public while his son, Sire, chose his gifts.

According to TMZ, it was a custom experience for the boy, who got his own decal on the floor reading, "Sire's Toys 'R' Us."

TMZ was told the rapper dropped "a pretty penny" to give his son "the best Christmas ever," shelling out about $100,000 to rent the place.

TMZ noted it appeared that kind of dough pulled Geoffrey the Giraffe out of retirement. He posed with 50 Cent and Sire at the store.