TMZ: Kim Kardashian says she makes $300K to $500K per Instagram post

LOS ANGELES -- Kim Kardashian just filed legal documents revealing just how incredibly powerful and influential she is -- and that power and influence translates into insane cash.

Kim is embroiled in a lawsuit against Missguided USA clothing company, a fast fashion brand. She claims the company used her image to hawk its wares. The company apparently didn't respond to her claims, and she's now going in for a default judgment for $5 million.

That's not why we're telling you about this. In the docs, Kim justifies the $5 milliom by explaining her capacity to make big money. She says she gets between $300,000 and $500,000 for a single Instagram post.

In the documents, she says she frequently turns down offers for that kind of money because she doesn't want to be associated with the brands.

As for the lawsuit, Kim says her brand is being damaged by Missguided USA associating itself with her.