Tire Rack Street Survival course: Drivers learn firsthand how to handle scary situations on the road

OAK CREEK (WITI) -- Simply put, their goal is to keep young drivers alive. It's a safety course putting teens behind the wheel and in otherwise scary situations.

It happens when an airbag goes off.

Dan Soiney compares it to a bomb exploding in your face. He's obviously trying to prove a point -- becoming a good driver takes a lot more than getting the hang of '10 and 2.'

Consider the view from 18 wheels. Because unless you've got an uncle who drives a long haul, you've probably never been in the cab of a tractor trailer, and seen first hand what they can't.

This is just another classroom lesson from a program called "Tire Rack Street Survival."

After the semi demonstration, things get a little slick -- thanks to soap and water.

"Think of it as the next logical step after driver's ed. Now that you know the rules of the road, time to find out how your car reacts when it's on it," said Tess Stahler, driver.

Tess Stahler happens to be one of the older drivers on the course today, she's 23.

"I'm going to figure out how my car works in these situations and what I want to do to regain control," said Stahler.

The point is to give young drivers experience in sticky situations.

So if they ever do lose control, they keep their hands steady and don't over correct.

It's the kind of perspective that can save your life.

Thirty drivers signed up for Saturday's course. It was held at MATC in Oak Creek.

If you'd like to learn more about the Tire Rack Street Survival course, CLICK HERE.