Tips to help you stay safe while shopping on Cyber Monday

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Online deals rule the day on Cyber Monday -- but finding the best deals and staying safe while surfing online might take year-round effort.

Cyber Monday is the next best thing when it comes to great deals, and in many ways, it might be a better bet! No traffic, no crowds! Just you, your family and your computer -- shopping in peace and quiet.

"The deals are very similar if not even better than some of the Black Friday deals that you will find," Amy Heinzel, blogger at

The blog shows where and when to get the best deals for Cyber Monday -- but also tracks important safety measures to help keep your personal information safe while you're shopping online -- like making sure you're buying from a site that reads: https:/

"The 's' stands for 'secure' -- and there's also going to be a little padlock next to it. That tells you that you're shopping at a secure site," Heinzel said.

Heinzel advises buying with a credit card instead of a debit card.

"There's a lot more security there than there would be if you were to - I mean, that's your liquid assets. If you're using your debit card, that's your bank account information out there," Heinzel said.

Also -- more people shopping online means more online opportunities for scammers to try to get your personal information.

"People are receiving spam emails to click on for this one day sale only. Those sites probably are not really legitimate and people should be aware of where they're going," FBI Special Agent Matthew Petersen said.

Fake websites and spam emails can be sent to -- a federal website that monitors scammer activity.

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