Tips from Chef Deadman: Make sure meal time doesn't turn into an after-thought

MILWAUKEE -- Back-to-school time typically means families' schedules get really busy. How can you make sure meal time doesn't turn into an after-thought? Chef Foster Deadman joined the Studio A team with some tips.

Peppered bacon BLT quesadillia with bacon aoili

    1) Heat skillet or pan to 350 degrees

    2) Oil is optional but if you like a more crisp and brown look add some, it will cook faster too!

    3) Place half of the cheese on the tortilla along with the other garnishes

    4) Top with the remaining cheese and remiaing tortilla

    5) Cook until Golden brown and flip

    6) Continue to cook till golden brown (about 1 to 2 minutes per side)

    7) Enjoy!!