Time Warner warns of scammers who pose as cable guys

GREENFIELD -- Time Warner Cable officials are warning its customers of a possible scam. They're telling everyone to "look for the logo."

Time Warner Cable employees are always equipped with a proper identification badge. But back on December 22nd, a man tried to take advantage of a Time Warner customer.

An actual Time Warner technician had just left a home after a scheduled appointment. According to a Greenfield police report, about 20 minutes later, the door bell rang again.

"The individual said they were there to do a quality check on the installation that had just happened twenty minutes ago. No one from Time Warner had called, not an appointment set up, she felt uncomfortable," said Stacy Zaja, Time Warner Director of Communications.

The report says the man claiming to be a Time Warner employee "did not have any ID on him," and the homeowner thought "this was suspicious." She didn't let him in.

Time Warner Cable says not only do their employees always have a badge, they also arrive in a company-marked vehicle.

As a result of the December incident, Time Warner sent out extra security teams to check cables in the Greenfield area. They will be on the lookout for anything suspicious -- and they hope customers will be too.