Time capsule from 1960s found hidden in concrete at Michigan elementary school

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. -- Renovations at a West Michigan school led to the discovery of a time capsule that's half a century old. It's giving teachers and students a unique view at what school was like decades ago.

A construction crew stumbled upon the capsule – which was concealed in a concrete block – at Central Elementary in the Kenowa Hills School district. Inside was a glimpse of the past from the year 1967, a time when gas was just 27 cents a gallon.

“This was welded shut, it was completely waterproof when we found it. When they were demoing it, they took the rock down and noticed something inside the rock ... that’s where they found the time capsule,” says Central Elementary Principal Cherie Horner.

The school board cracked open the box Monday, and found a trove of memories inside. Students and faculty are enjoying a glimpse at what the school was like five decades ago.

“They have a list of all the courses kids took, as well as tumbling, which I thought was interesting, shop and home economics," Horner said. "And also fees – so in sixth grade your books cost $6 and PE cost $4."

There was a student handbook printed on a small book, which contained a listing of all school staff. And even though a lot has changed from that era, there are some goals that remain the same.

“The hopes they have for the schools and the kids are the same hopes and dreams that they have now,” Horner said.

Administrators will keep the time capsule on display at Central Elementary for anyone who wants to see it. The school is undergoing renovations for the next two years so there's a chance more will be found. Horner plans on hiding several time capsules from the current era for those in the distant future to discover.