Tiffany’s Dessert Bar, Glendale’s newest hot spot for sweet treats

Looking for a tasty treat to crave your sweet tooth? Brian Can help. He’s in Glendale at Tiffany’s Dessert Bar where they source the finest ingredients for their confectioneries that are made with love.

About Tiffany's Dessert Bar (website)

In 2019, a hobby took off unexpectedly and Tiffany's Dessert Bar was born.

I've worked diligently to perfect my craft. In a matter of months what was once simply a creative outlet for me became a passion to create baked from scratch goodies.

We now operate a commercial kitchen at Bayshore Mall and offer a menu with many dessert options for your special occasions, events, family gatherings or just date night. From weddings to holidays, cheesecakes, cupcakes, custom cakes and everything in between, Tiffany's Dessert Bar has you covered.