Tied Delafied aldermanic race, winner picked by paper pull

A tied election in Delafield was settled Thursday, April 7 when the winner's name was pulled from a box.

This tie happened in Delafield Aldermanic District 6.

Phil Kasun 

Incumbent Alderman Phil Kasun and his opponent Paul Price each got 172 votes.

"I suggested rock, paper, scissors, but the clerk said not random enough," said Kasun.

The city clerk wrote each candidate's name on a piece of paper and dropped them into a box. After a quick shake of the box, one paper was pulled and Price was named the winner.

"Democracy at work, I guess. It’s what we’ve got," said Kasun. "It’s rare." 

This tie-breaking process is based on the city ordinance and is proof every vote counts.

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"It’s a disappointment that, you know, we have nonpartisan elections, and it just doesn’t get the voter turnout it should," said Kasun.

Price was out of town Thursday and did not comment on his win. However, before the win, he said he's: "Disappointed that three months of campaigning comes down to this, but that’s the system."

The city clerk said candidates can request a recount.

"I will. I don’t expect a difference, but I’d be silly to just trust the Scantron machine, so definitely," said Kasun.

Kasun is a high school government and civics teacher and said he plans to turn this into a lesson plan for future students. 


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