Three Republican heavy-hitters address WI Delegation Breakfast

TAMPA -- The Republican National Convention wraps up Thursday night with a big speech from Mitt Romney as he's set to formally accept the Party's nomination for president. Meanwhile, in a sign of just how important battleground state Wisconsin has become -- the Wisconsin Delegation Breakfast Thursday morning featured three high-profile speakers.

The Wisconsin delegation hosted a breakfast Thursday morning for GOP leaders, and speakers included Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, former White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer, and Mitt Romney's son, Craig.

Rice echoed the message of her Convention speech Thursday morning -- saying this election hinges on participation.

"This is an election of consequence. This is a time when we all have to work as hard as we possibly can to elect Mitt Romney and your native son Paul Ryan," Rice said.

Former White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer also addressed the crowd.

"We are all happy to be here with the Romney/Ryan ticket, and we are all happy to be here to say goodbye to the Obama/Biden ticket," Fleischer said.

Craig Romney is one of Mitt Romney's sons, and apparently one of his most important advisors.

"I was lobbying secretly for Paul (Ryan) when my dad was making that decision.  Well, secretly and not so secretly -- I told him as much," Craig Romney said.

Members of the Wisconsin delegation say the Republican heavyweights speaking at their breakfast energized them moving forward.

"We did get a lot of heavyweight, but that does show you how important the Romney campaign feels about Wisconsin, and we're going to turn it red for the first time since 1984," Brad Courtney said.

For much of the morning, there was a rumor that Ryan himself would attend the breakfast, but in the end, his schedule did not allow it.

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