Three charged in fatal shooting near 11th and Lincoln

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Three from Milwaukee have been charged in connection with a fatal shooting that occurred on January 15th near 11th and Lincoln.

20-year-old Jordan Wilder was shot and killed just before 10:00 p.m.

Police had initially taken an 18-year-old suspect into custody following the shooting -- and we have now learned three in total have been charged.

18-year-old Davon Thompson of Milwaukee faces one count of first degree reckless homicide as party to a crime, use of a dangerous weapon. He faces a second charge of possession of a firearm by a felon, repeater.

FOX6 News has learned just days before the incident at 11th and Lincoln, Thompson had a two-year prison sentence stayed by a Milwaukee County judge -- and he was instead placed on probation.

20-year-old Demetrius Robinson of Milwaukee, and 20-year-old Brandi Ollins of Milwaukee face one count each of robbery (threat of force) as party to a crime.

A criminal complaint in the case says an officer was dispatched to the scene on January 15th, and observed Wilder with a gunshot wound to the middle of his chest.

The complaint indicates Wilder was alive when the officer arrived, and was able to tell the officer who shot him -- saying it was Thompson.

The complaint says the officer was familiar with Thompson, as the officer had been involved in a prior shooting investigation and an armed robbery investigation both involving Thompson -- whom he had arrested during one of these prior incidents.

Wilder's ex-girlfriend, and mother to his two children spoke with the officer -- saying she had arrived at the home near 11th and Lincoln to pick up her children when Wilder got a phone call from "Davon," and stepped outside -- according to the complaint.

Shortly thereafter, Wilder's ex-girlfriend told the officer she heard what she thought was a gunshot, and said Wilder ran into the home and said he had been shot by "Davon," according to the complaint.

The criminal complaint indicates Wilder was taken to the hospital, where he succumbed to his injuries.

A Medical Examiner ruled Wilder died as a result of a gunshot wound to the torso, and the manner of death was homicide.

The criminal complaint says on January 16th, police went to a residence on N. 20th street -- looking for Davon Thompson.

The door was answered by Robinson -- a known associate of Thompson, and Ollins was also in the home, according to the complaint.

The complaint indicates Thompson was discovered hiding in a closet inside the home, and was taken into custody.

Ollins provided a statement to officials -- and said she, Thompson and Robinson were hanging out on January 14th, during which time Wilder was texting Thompson -- apparently saying he wanted to hang out and get some liquor, according to the complaint.

The complaint says the three had to wait to hang out with Wilder, as his children's mother had not yet arrived to pick up the children.

Ollins told officials Thompson told Robinson Wilder lived a block away -- and said Robinson then discussed robbing Wilder, according to the complaint.

Ollins says the Thompson and Robinson left on foot -- headed for Wilder's home. Ollins told officials she started her car to have it ready -- saying Thompson and Robinson would need to drive out of the area once they finished robbing Wilder, according to the complaint.

The complaint says Ollins told officials she observed Thompson and Robinson running from the area of 10th and Lincoln, and she drove to meet them.

The complaint says Ollins told officials Robinson stashed a firearm in the trunk of the car.

The next day, the three hung out and watched news reports regarding the shooting, according to the criminal complaint.

Shortly thereafter, police arrived at Robinson's home.

Robinson gave a statement to police, saying that he had received a phone call from Wilder, who turned the phone over to Thompson, according to the complaint

The complaint says Thompson told Robinson Wilder was "his guy" and that Wilder was going to get them a bottle of liquor.

Robinson told officials the group was headed to purchase some marijuana, while Thompson and Wilder were talking on the phone, according to the complaint.

The complaint says the group headed toward Wilder's residence and Thompson and Robinson got out, while Ollins stayed in the car -- according to Robinson's statement.

The complaint says Robinson told officials he waited in the alley while Thompson went to talk with Wilder, and said he heard a single gunshot before running to meet Thompson.

Robinson told officials Thompson told him Wilder had reached for a weapon, and that's why he had shot him, according to the complaint.

Robinson told officials the firearm used was returned to him, and stashed under a rug in the basement of his residence. That firearm was recovered by police, according to the complaint.

The firearm recovered was a .40 caliber semi-automatic pistol with a 14-round capacity magazine.