Threats of flooding persist in Racine County

RACINE CO. (WITI) -- Threats of flooding are concerning homeowners living along waterways in Racine County. Even with the rain subsiding, the Fox River has gone over its banks and is creeping up on houses along the river in Waterford.

The floods of 2008 was the last time April Berzinski remembers seeing the Fox River rage like it was on Friday. There was an even more pressing concern on Friday afternoon.

"All of a sudden bam, floods coming and the boat's gone," said Berzinski.

The boat ends up a few hundred yards away in a calm part of the river which days ago was just somebody's yard.

Village President Tom Roanhouse has sand bags ready for citizens who need them.

"In a crisis you only have a window of an opportunity that`s very small. So either we get the sand bags out to the citizens or we try to mitigate any damages," said Roanhouse.

Meanwhile, the signs of better weather seem to be washed away by the Fox River.