Threatening recall Walker message at low-income housing complex

A tenant at the St. Peter federally subsidized, low-income housing complex on the northwest side wants answers, after Scott Walker recall signs with intimidating and threatening language were posted in her building. The signs, which are almost entire inaccurate, warn tenants that not signing a petition to recall Scott Walker, will result in increased medical co-pays, and higher rent, saying they'll end up living in tent cities.

Joanne Halada contacted FOX6 after discovering the signs, which the complex has removed. She says someone knocked on the door to her apartment as well, with the same sales pitch. She says this message could be convincing when you're already barely getting by.

"I never voted for the man, but I never voted for all of this either. I was absolutely angry. There are so many people who are vulnerable. How many more buildings are they doing this at?" Halada said.

The complex ownership group Metropolitan Associates removed the post, and told FOX6 over the phone that they don't allow solicitations, because they don't want their tenants feeling threatened. But when FOX6 visited the complex, there was a recall Walker petition posted, with a similar-sounding note and a phone number. FOX6 spoke with fellow tenant Valerie Stephonik, who says she put up the petition because a friend named James convinced her to do it. FOX6 called James, who said he only gave the petitions to Valerie, and denies putting up any signs, or targeting voters in low-income housing.