Thompson, Baldwin temporarily put own campaigns on hold

MILWAUKEE -- They have their own race to worry about. But on Friday, November 2nd, Senate candidates Tommy Thompson and Tammy Baldwin put their campaigns on hold. Instead, they focused on the race to the White House.

Thompson rallied a large conservative crowd in West Allis in the minutes before Gov. Mitt Romney took the stage.

"It's time to retire Barack Obama, put in a president and a vice president who is going to bring back that creed in America," said Thompson.

On Friday afternoon, Baldwin made a low-key appearance at a Racine coffee shop. But earlier in the day, she too, played the role of surrogate, appearing with Vice President Joe Biden in Beloit.

"I'm working to re-elect President Obama and I also know he's gonna need a team to work with and I wanna be a member of that team as a member of the United States Senate," said Baldwin.

Baldwin says she will remain active in the Obama campaign. She'll speak Saturday, November 3rd at the president's stop in Milwaukee as well as on Monday, when the president visits Madison.

Thompson says the president's last-minute visits are a sign of desperation.