"This is possible:" Transgender man in Portland is pregnant with a son

PORTLAND, Oregon -- A transgender man in Portland is pregnant with a son. 

Trystan Reese and Biff Chaplow said family time is important to them.

"Unfortunately, our life is no more glamorous than anyone else's, much to our chagrin," Reese said.

"I disagree. I think that we are fairly interesting and glamorous," Chaplow said.

A year into their relationship, Reese and Chaplow became parents to Chaplow's niece, Hailey, and nephew, Riley. Seven years later, Reese is pregnant. He's due on July 14th.

"As the pregnancy has progressed, it's obvious that this isn't just a guy with a beer belly," Chaplow said.

Reese was born female. He started taking hormones almost a decade ago, but stopped when he got pregnant.

"Every doctor that we spoke with said 'absolutely. This is possible. Absolutely. This is a safe and healthy medical decision to make,'" Reese said.

Reese and Chaplow said they've experienced some negative comments from strangers online, and they take extra caution when they're out in public.

"I try to layer when I go to the store to stave off any negativity that would happen," Reese said.

Reese and Chaplow's two children understand this isn't normal, they said, but they're excited to get a baby brother. To this family, this is normal, and their family priorities haven't changed.

"We are a dedicated couple. We are dedicated to each other. We are dedicated to our kids, and we plan on being as dedicated to our baby as we are to our current kids," Reese said.

Reese said they're constantly checking on the baby's health, and everything is normal.