"This is not a home of guns;" What led police to track 27 guns to woman's home

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- A man is accused of purchasing dozens of guns and using someone else's information to buy them. The woman whose information was used says she was shocked when law enforcement officials showed up at her door.

In the area near 35th and Douglas in Milwaukee, crime is not top of mind -- but last week, bad news made its way to a home in the area.

"That knock on the door -- asking 'do we sell guns here?' This is not a home of guns," the woman who lives in the home said.

That woman asked that her identity be protected.

She says she spoke with an ATF agent who wanted to know why so many firearms were purchased from a man whose address matched hers.

Now, a federal criminal complaint has been filed against 23-year-old Dontray Mills. He is accused of knowingly using false identification to buy guns.

"We don't know him or know anything about him. We don't know anything about this person," the woman said.

Officials say beginning in late 2012 and through April of 2014, Mills purchased 27 firearms at places like Gander Mountain and Mills Fleet Farm -- listing an address that wasn't his.

"I feel very violated," the woman said.

Brian Dorow with Waukesha County Technical College has no firsthand knowledge of this case -- but knows the legal process required to buy a gun. He says false identification -- like an address, may not be spotted during the process, so long as no felony record or domestic violence conviction is found.

"If that drivers license was obtained fraudulently, it would be hard for that dealer to track," Dorow said.

Mills has neither a felony record, nor a domestic violence conviction.

Investigators are now looking into whether the guns were then resold, and whether any potential buyers were criminals who aren't allowed to have firearms.

"We don't want straw purchasing to occur or anything like that," Dorow said.

Federal investigators are looking into another man's involvement in this case of possible gun trafficking -- so this investigation remains ongoing.