"This is about being part of the community:" Lambeau legend spreads anti-bullying message

WAUKESHA (WITI) -- Former Packers great and Lambeau Leap originator, Leroy Butler, is on a mission raising awareness about bullying. Saturday, he teamed up with two Waukesha doctors as they opened up the county's first urgent care clinic.

The host party Saturday was Doctors Express: Urgent Care, on highway 164. It's actually the first urgent care franchise of its kind to open in Wisconsin.

"Really this is about being part of the community," said Mark Damico, opened the urgent care.

Damico was busy giving tours during a Saturday open house. And to help them meet the neighbors, Damico invited number 36, Leroy Butler.

"I'm going to tell you how the Lambeau Leap was born," said Butler.

Mr. Lambeau Leap, quarterbacks a cause called "Butler vs. Bullying" and had a crowd of families to pass his message on to.

"For us to be a big pillar of the community. And so bullying specifically is something we thought was particularly germane right now," said Damico.

"I have a book out right now about my life and it starts off about how my mom helped me deal with bullying and how I turned it around and used it as a positive -- and ultimately teaching kids to be leaders, not followers," said Butler.

It was a 2-for-1 in Waukesha as the first urgent care in the area opened its doors and get behind a good cause at the same time.

"I think bullying has been around forever, but I think they way its become such a central focus in lives and the way its done nowadays has really brought it to the forefront," said Physician, Ray Wallace.

"I appreciate getting the families out today to come here and listen to my message about anti-bullying is great," said Butler.

To learn more about Leroy Butler's Butler vs. Bullying cause, CLICK HERE.