Thiensville decibel limit lowering for outdoor music considered

The Village of Thiensville considered a change to lower the decibel limit for outdoor music in the downtown business district, bringing a crowd of opposition to a Committee of the Whole meeting Monday, April 4.

It was a reactionary decision after hearing from some people who live downtown complain about volume levels coming from live music at "the baaree" and "the cheel," but following an hour of public comment, the Committee of the Whole decided not to make the change after all.

With a temporary fence lining their property around a restaurant that once was, Co-owners Jesse and Barkha Daily say the Thiensville Committee of the Whole was only complicating work to rebuild "the cheel" and run "the baaree."

"These sanctions are going to hinder us financially, result in a loss of revenue for us, along with the employees we have planning to work for us this summer," said Jesse Daily.

At a Monday night meeting, trustees considered lowering the decibel limit for outdoor music from 85 to 75 in the downtown business district following concerns from neighbors.

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"Often, we had to close our windows and turn on the air conditioning just to try to muffle the sound," said Greg Mueller, neighbor.

The majority of speakers at Monday's meeting argued the new limit wouldn't be fair.

"I don't need to tell you that anytime a motorcycle, even a car goes by, it exceeds 75 decibels," said Rob Kos, Thiensville Business Association executive director.

Others worried that, if passed, the change would have targeted the Dailys.

"To me, it's kind of like the big bully on the block pushing their weight around," said Marc Mrugala, Thiensville Business Association board member.

One trustee also motioned to drop the decibel limit from the noise ordinance altogether, but the motion did not receive a second so the motion failed.


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