'They're our heroes:' Grocery stores working to meet demand during coronavirus pandemic

MILWAUKEE -- Roundy's executives said the demand at their stores may be the highest it's ever been as customers stock up amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

With carts and shoppers still crisscrossing the aisles, Metro Market employees at the Van Buren and Juneau location in Milwaukee have been working nonstop to keep fresh produce and other groceries on the shelves before customers come and buy them. Sometimes, that happens within just minutes.

Anthony Kuchinsky

"Everyone wants to have groceries in their house, especially in times of uncertainty, so it's kind of the last line here," said Store Director Anthony Kuchinsky.

Normally, the salad bar and other food counters are popular spots for lunch. Instead, Metro Market employees are making some of that food and placing it in containers for shoppers to take as they need. It's just one example of the store keeping-up with demand.


Metro Market salad bar

Jim Hyland

"Our associates here in this store, they're our heroes. I mean, they're just giving it everything they've got," said Jim Hyland, Roundy's vice president of communications. "You know, we close the store, they sanitize to get the store clean, and then restock the shelves for the morning and do it again the next day."

Grocers are bridging the gaps in the supply chain to keep food on the table for families. And with so many businesses forced to closes, Kroger said it actually needs more help to keep stores ready for shopping. Anyone that needs a job or is interested is asked to apply at the store.