"They're learning a ton:" Kids take part in Performing Arts Day Camp at State Fair

WEST ALLIS -- Since 11-year-old Ellie Lollis can remember she's loved to perform.

"It's like my favorite thing to do,"said Lollis.

That's why she signed up for the Wisconsin State Fair's first ever Performing Arts Day Camp.

"They're learning a ton on the ability to express themselves and have fun and excitement and a lot of them have said that they have some vocal training and they enjoy dance," said Wisconsin State fair Day Camp Coordinator Whitney Rathke.

The campers, who are in sixth through eighth grades, are teamed up with the traveling singing and dancing group Kids From Wisconsin.

"We get to work with those kids who are honestly inspired by us and get to see us and look up to us and ask us to sign buttons. It's humbling and so much fun to actually be able to teach them," said Kids From Wisconsin cast member Bridget Cushman.

The students learn choreography.

"Learning cues and different terms of dance moves and being able to follow and be able to pick that up so quickly. I'm very impressed by our campers," said Rathke.

Then they'll get a singing lesson before they hit the stage on their own .

"It's kind of a fast-track course with them learning choreography, vocals, and then getting the chance to go on stage at 4:15 this afternoon and perform with them," said Rathke.

Lollis says she loves the rush of being in the spotlight.

"It's feels like I'm in a different world. I really like it," said Lollis.

And hopes to one day be a Kid From Wisconsin.