'They were the real deal:' Family identifies 2 killed in deadly Jefferson County incident

FORT ATKINSON -- Investigators have not released the names of the two victims, but the family identified them to FOX6 as Jim and Nedra Lemke.

It times of sorrow hope can be hard to come by. Jim and Nedra Lemke always found a way.

Nedra and Jim Lemke


"If you didn't know them, you missed out," Pastor John Ackatz said.

For 20 years, the Fort Atkinson couple volunteered to minister middle school students at Faith Community Church. Sharing the word of the lord, a piece of themselves with each and every one of their students.

"I don't know if any kid remembered what they were taught, but they remembered that they were loved unconditionally and completely by Jim and Nedra. That's who they were," said Pastor Ackatz.

The couple's unconditional love is spread throughout this community – and all over the world –through countless mission trips.

"Jim and Nedra were genuine. They were the real deal. They loved God but they loved people and that love isn't diminished now that they are gone. It just carries on even greater," he said.

The couple's death is difficult to understand. Their students and church family are coping.

Holding on to the Lemke legacy of hope.

"Their impact is worldwide and global and the way they have encouraged people to hope. And we hold onto hope," he said.

The family is still working on putting together funeral plans.