'They really are receptive:' MPS teaches students about financial literacy

MILWAUKEE -- It's a vital skill that can have a lasting effect -- and that's why Milwaukee Public Schools are teaching their students about financial literacy.

Financial lessons from a working CPA might seem like a heavy topic for elementary students. But Elizabeth Hazi says you might be surprised by how well seventh and eight grader students can understand money management.

Elizabeth Hazi

"They really are receptive, if you put it in terms they understand, which is why this book is really amazing," said Elizabeth Hazi, certified public accountant.

Hazi is a certified public accountant. The book she is reading is titled "These Shoes," which is about how a young boy chooses to spend his money.

"To either buy what he wants now, or maybe, save it for a future investment," said Hazi.

Milwaukee Public Schools

April is National Financial Literacy Month and Hazi is a member of the Wisconsin Institute of CPA's. Hazi, along with several dozen money experts, are visiting students throughout MPS.

Milwaukee Public Schools

"It's really, really important for kids at very early ages just to show basic financial topics and budgeting, savings," said John Heindel.

In fact, more than 1,500 students across the state will be reached by volunteers like Heindel and Hazi.

Students are read a money-themed book and then answer review questions.

"So it's really important to have somebody from the outside come in and educate them on one thing here and there, and eventually grasp it, and hopefully by the time they are ten and eleven and twelve years old they will be able to teach their friends," said Hazi.

Milwaukee Public Schools

This is the WICPA’s 10th annual Reading Makes Cents program.