'They need your help:' COVID-19 limits staff, volunteers at Wisconsin Humane Society

MILWAUKEE -- Coronavirus has limited the number of staff and volunteers at the Wisconsin Humane Society. Now, officials are asking people to adopt and foster animals so they can get the proper care.

Anne Reed

"They need your help today more than they ever have before," said Anne Reed, Wisconsin Humane Society.

The Wisconsin Humane Society is focusing all its efforts to get those animals into homes as coronavirus spreads. There are currently more than 250 animals in the shelters.

"We have animals in our shelter, and unlike so many other organizations, we can't just send our people home because animals need food and they need care," said Reed.

Wisconsin Humane Society

With staffing shortages, humane society officials are trying to get the number of animals in the shelter down to ensure they get the proper care.

Wisconsin Humane Society

The most urgent needs -- adoption and fostering.

"Animals, let's say a cat, in your house, is not that much extra work for you, in fact, it will be kind of fun now if you're home now for a little while," said Reed.

Workers say the next few days are crucial -- with the uncertainty of what the week could bring.

The only locations open -- Green Bay and Milwaukee.

Employees are also asking people to stay away from the shelters if you're sick -- as they work to keep the shelter clean.

Wisconsin Humane Society

"This is our first pandemic, but I am so proud of our team and we are working as hard as we can 24/7 to get the animals out of the shelter where we may not be able to staff great care and into your house where you can," said Reed.

Humane society officials say they do have a plan in place if they have to shut down their doors completely but they also say the more animals that are adopted in the meantime that easier that will be.

Staff encourages only people who are serious about adopting come into the shelter.