"They can get through it:" 9-year-old, a victim of bullying, raises money to support others

ST. LOUIS, Missouri -- A South County girl decided to take action after being bullied in second and third grade.

"It got as bad as cyber bullying and threats," Gabi Knarr's mother, Sarah, said. "She turned into a little girl who didn't want to go to school. Very emotional. Didn't' know who she could trust to help her out."

Sarah said by the end of third grade, Gabi's teacher and the principals had put a stop to the bullying, but she didn't forget how it felt -- so when she came across a picture on a coloring app, she wanted to put it to good use.

"I wanted to color it and I showed my mom, and she thought it would look good on a T-shirt," Gabi said.

They then decided to sell the shirts online and donate the proceeds to an organization that helps kids who are victims of bullying.

"To tell the other kids out there being bullied that they can get through it," said the nine-year-old.