'They are at peace now:' Community mourns boy, grandfather who perished in fire

Funeral for Rayveon Cunningham and Gary Pitts

MILWAUKEE -- Saturday morning, March 23, family and community members gathered for the funeral of two people killed in a house on March 14.

Entering the sanctuary dressed in all white, Tinna Clark and her five children honored her 4-year-old son Rayveon Cunningham and his grandfather, 67-year-old veteran Gary Pitts. The two were trapped inside of their home near 39th and Silver Spring after a fire was sparked by a candle.

Fire at 39th and Silver Spring, Milwaukee

"It's been really rough," said Cynthia Greenwooda, a family friend.

Rayveon Cunningham and Gary Pitts

On Saturday morning, loved ones mourned the terrible losses even more as they saw the caskets laying side by side.

"Couldn't believe I was actually seeing little Rayveon and Gary laying there," said Greenwood. "They are at peace now."

Funeral for Rayveon Cunningham and Gary Pitts

Funeral for Rayveon Cunningham and Gary Pitts

Their time of sorrow was met with expressions of love.

"The baby... the baby was so joyful, brought so many joys to our lives," said Elder Malcom Hunt. "Let's remember that grandfather. He was right there, he touched everyone he came in contact with."

Words of comfort were also shared.

"So let's celebrate the life that God allowed him to share with us, and for the baby to share with us," said Hunt. "Remember, we had that time -- let's share that and remember that."

Funeral for Rayveon Cunningham and Gary Pitts

In a time of mourning, they were grateful for every spent moment together.

"I had lots of good memories as a child, growing up with Gary," said a person who spoke at the funeral. "He had a lot of love."

They relied on their faith and leaned on each other for condolences as tears fell.

"Know that God is our leader, and he does things in a divine order," said another speaker. "We need to come together to support the family."

Funeral for Rayveon Cunningham and Gary Pitts