These hairy swimsuits are real and they're something, alright

The "sexy chest" women's one-piece swimsuit is available just in time for summer – to the delight and horror of many.

Love or hate them, this experiment in beach apparel from Beloved Shirts is not only attention-grabbing, it's downright hard to look away from.  The suits come in various skin tones with realistic details from a man's torso, including nipples and plenty of body hair.

Beyond the shock and novelty of the "sexy chest," the Huffington Post points out that the swimsuit can also be seen as a clever response to societal norms and body expectations in America.  While a man's "beach body" can be topless and hairy, expectations are different for women.

That's right, the dad bod is no longer just for dads.  But will you embarrass your children by wearing one? Almost certainly. Here's a video of one woman showing off her new look for the family:

While skipping hours of sweating on a treadmill will appeal to most, it's not clear whether these hairy swimsuits will.  One thing that's certain, anyone confident enough to show up to the beach wearing one deserves nothing but respect.