"There's no way:" Gov. Walker rejects proposal Wisconsin's license plate slogan be changed

MADISON -- Gov. Scott Walker rejected any suggestions that the slogan on the Wisconsin license plate be changed from "America's Dairyland" to something else.

The governor spoke on radio with the "Farm Report with Pam Jahnke" on Tuesday morning, November 14th.

"There's no way we're changing America's Dairyland," the governor said in the interview. "The plates represent a nice cross section from farming to agriculture to tourism to the great north. The plates are just fine the way they are. We're proud to be America's Dairyland."

A bill proposed by State Rep. Scott Allen would do away with the “America’s Dairyland” slogan. Allen says Wisconsin’s economy has changed from agriculture to bioengineering and high-tech manufacturing and its license plate should reflect who we are, not who we were.

"There are many different industries. But our bread and butter, literally and figuratively, is agriculture and manufacturing together," Gov. Walker said.

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