'There's no stop to it:' Milwaukee auto shop hit multiple times by catalytic converter thieves

MILWAUKEE -- An auto shop in Milwaukee has been hit multiple times by thieves stealing catalytic converters.

Surveillance video showed one thief running off while looking behind him, and another video showed two men who approached the business near 27th Street and Mangold Avenue.

After midnight on Friday, Dec. 20, at least four vehicles were hit at REO Motors.

The general manager said these thefts can cost anywhere between $400 and $1,500

"We took all the precautions," said Farouq Saadeh. "We have state of the art cameras. We hired outside security services, and we've been in contact with the police. The police, they tried to do everything they can, I guess, but there are no results. There is no stop to it."

Another auto business in the area was also hit.

Anyone with information was asked to please contact police.