'There's no excuse:' Video captures high-speed chase, violent crash near 20th and Burleigh

MILWAUKEE -- Shocking video shows a high-speed chase with a violent ending in Milwaukee Monday night, June 24. Police said the vehicle sped away before the pursuit ended near 20th and Burleigh.

FOX6 News on Tuesday found debris from the collision still out at the intersection, including smashed bricks and a downed fence.

"There's no excuse and no reason for anyone to drive like that really," said Michael Champion, area pastor.

FOX6 News showed neighbors the dramatic video of the crash that happened just after 10 p.m.

Crash near 20th and Burleigh

Crash near 20th and Burleigh

Crash near 20th and Burleigh

"There could have been way more people out here. People could have been hurt more than that," said William Burks, lives nearby.

William Burks

Police noticed the vehicle traveling recklessly not far from 23rd and Center, and tried to pull it over. Police said the driver sped away for around two-and-a-half miles, reaching roughly 75 miles per hour on city streets before crashing into another vehicle.

"When people drive reckless like that, they're dangerously taking other people's lives into their hands," said Burks.

The video shows officers taking one person into custody, with the passenger seated on the ground. This, as first responders worked to help the man who was hit, slowly walking away from the crash he just survived.

Crash near 20th and Burleigh

Crash near 20th and Burleigh

"Number one, obey the law. Number two, think about other people while you're driving," said Champion.

Police said the driver and passenger were taken into custody, and taken to the hospital for treatment of injuries not believed to be life-threatening. The other driver was also injured and expected to survive.