There’s a new in Mequon that makes hand-painted chocolate

There are people that love to eat chocolate and then there are those who love making chocolate. Brian is at Cocoa Tree Confectionery in Mequon where the owner has a passion for making both amazing looking and tasting chocolates.

About Cocoa Tree Confectionery (website)

Local Delicacies

Delicious food comes from delicious ingredients.  We utilize only the best: chocolate by Barry Callebaut, cream by Oberweis, butter from KerryGold and purées composed of only the freshest fruit available, to bring you sweets and snacks that you will both trust and love!

A Tradition of Taste

We founded Cocoa Tree Confectionery based upon our love of unique and decadent foods.  Using our experience in our local food communities, we curate a seasonal selection for our customers.

A Mission of Caring

When you shop with us, you are supporting local communities.  Interested in learning more about the practices behind your purchases?  Get in touch!  We have answers.