'There it was:' Couple finds wedding album in unlikely place, wants to find its rightful owners

PEWAUKEE -- Almost 16 years later, a wedding album is found in an unlikely place. Now, the couple that discovered it wants to find the couple that lost it.

"We were moving the bags around and all the sudden we see this photo album," said Nate Donahue, who found the wedding album.

Donahue and his wife were cleaning their Pewaukee apartment, preparing to move to a new home with their baby. In the process, they spotted something gold hidden behind the water heater in their utility closet.

"So when we were pulling out all the shopping bags, we saw a box back there and pulled it out -- and there it was," Donahue said. "So we opened the box -- Treasure Island."

It was a wedding album dated Nov. 25, 2002.

"It says Anna and Michael," Donahue said.

The couple was married, according to the album, in Las Vegas at Treasure Island at the Mirage.

Donahue and his wife tied the knot last year.

"If we ever lost our album, we'd be like, 'we need that back!'" Donahue said.

Now, one happy family wants to return the book to the man and woman pictured. Donahue said he cannot imagine losing such special memories.

"I'd be devastated. It's only once-in-a-lifetime you get married to someone you love so much," Donahue said.

The Donahues will be keeping the wedding album safe until they can hopefully locate its rightful owners. If you have an idea of who this album belongs to, please email kasey.chronis@fox6now.com.