launched to help employers, job seekers

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Betsy Rowbottom and Anne Nimke on Wednesday, March 20th celebrated the launch of a new website: -- aimed at helping companies use their work cultures to competitive advantages.

"We've been working on this for about three years," Nimke said.

"We have a number of proprietary badges. We call them 'the good jobs' badges, and they cover a variety of aspects of a company's programs, activities and amenities that they offer their employees, like fun, or extreme perks, corporate responsibility, or career development," Rowbottom said.

Companies apply to earn the seven badges, which can then be used to market jobs and recruit candidates.

"We're now talking about how important culture is. It's been really important to Google and Zappos, but now it's gonna be important to the critical mass of companies. Companies are gonna have to think about creating a culture strategy," Nimke said. has been live for about eight weeks, and has about 20 clients.

"A lotta people helped us get here, so we wanna celebrate everything that we've accomplished, thus far," Nimke said.

One company involved in the website is Gener8tor, which occupies a space in Milwaukee's Third Ward.

"Gener8tor's an accelerator that's dedicated to helping entrepreneurs get further with us, than they could've without us," Joe Kirgues with Gener8tor said.

Gener8tor provides this help by investing capital, community, mentorship, network and expertise.

Wednesday's launch party helped to highlight a sort of initial return.

"As 'The Good Jobs' is successful and grows, you start to see something that could turn into, from one, or two, or four, or 50 to 100," Kirgues said.

With that push to attract top talent, there has been a shift in the job search dynamic -- which has employers marketing what they have to offer to prospective employees.