The Vanguard will transform into 'Seinfeld's' "A Restaurant About Nothing" for Halloween

BAY VIEW -- Hoochie Mama! The Vangaurd -- located in Bay View -- will tribute 'Seinfeld' this Halloween by becoming "A Restaurant About Nothing."

According to, beginning Tuesday, October 31st, the restaurant known for its sausages, beer and cocktails, will be serving new menu items inspired by the hit show 'Seinfeld.'

To allow for decorating, The Vanguard will close in the afternoon and re-open for the event at 7:00 p.m. Costumes are encouraged!

Want to know what "A Restaurant About Nothing" is serving up? You'll have to wait! According to, the specifics of the menu are being kept under wraps until the opening. It certainly won't be sausage. According to Milwaukee Record, The Vanguard co-owner says, "we know how George likes his chicken spicy," which could be a good indicator of what they'll have -- but the report says it won't be sausage.

This isn't the first time The Vanguard has changed things up in the restaurant. In 2016, they served seafood during a "Hook Line & Sinker" night. This year, they're kicking things up a notch.

We're hoping those who attend the event will do their best "Kramer entrance" when they walk in!