The secrets behind making a profit on Ebay

Ebay has been around for nearly twenty years now, but selling stuff on the auction site can still be intimidating. It doesn’t have to be!

Ebay is a great way to turn the stuff you’re no longer using into cash. No one knows the system better than author Marsha Collier - she has written several dozen books on the subject. Here are some of her top tips:

Title: Use keywords that describe your item in the title. People search for keywords, not descriptors – no one looks for the word “beautiful.” Use keywords that represent brand name, color, size, style and more.

Pricing: Research prior to listing and check the competition. Do an eBay search with your item title keywords to see if anyone else is selling it and for how much. Then, click on the left of the page to see “Sold listings.” That will show you how much someone is willing to pay for an item.

Photography: Take several clear photos on a white background – from all angles. Be sure the colors in your final photo are true. This is often difficult with metals and jewelry. If you’re selling a lot of stuff, it’s worth it to invest in a light diffuser.

Description: When you list an item for sale, a description is necessary. One sentence stating what the item is not enough. Give a full description of the item. If it is new, say so. If it’s used, be sure to describe the condition of the item. Be honest and up front.

Shipping: You can pay for postage and print via the USPS or use eBay labels. This way you can just give the package to your mail carrier and never have to visit the post office. If you are shipping via Priority Mail, you can ask the Post Office for free boxes and even order a free “official” USPS carrier pickup.