The Rock's CEO eyeing up Oak Creek as "Plan B" for baseball stadium

OAK CREEK (WITI) -- The Milwaukee Business Journal says The Rock's CEO could be eyeing up a site in Oak Creek for a potential Frontier League baseball stadium as a "Plan B."

The Business Journal says Mike Zimmerman says his top alternate location is the U.S. Postal Service site in Oak Creek.

Zimmerman says discussions with Franklin are ongoing.

Zimmerman was hoping to build the stadium in Franklin -- saying the stadium is a catalyst for a $40 million multi-use facility that would be built after the stadium goes in.

Zimmerman asked Franklin to borrow $10.5 million for the stadium -- which he said he would repay through a lease agreement that would generate enough money annually to pay off the debt.

Franklin officials have rejected that plan. They say they are considering borrowing the money -- and paying off the debt using property taxes generated by the $40 million development.

First though, Franklin wants Zimmerman to commit to the $40 million project.

Zimmerman says the $40 million project is in its early stages, and he's not sure he can provide the level of committment Franklin wants.

Zimmerman is under a tight deadline -- as construction on a new stadium must begin in May in order to open in time for a 2015 baseball season.

Zimmerman says he checked out the site in Oak Creek on Friday, April 4th.

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